The Film

CHALDEAN VOICES is a story about Iraqi Christian students, formerly persecuted, and now seeking peace, opportunity and democracy in El Cajon, California.

In light of the conflicts in the Middle East and drastic increase in hostility and persecution over the past 10-15 years, thousands of Chaldeans have fled Iraq and the Middle East seeking refuge in the United States. Over the past 30 years, they’ve arrived impoverished and traumatized; and today, over 40,000 Chaldeans reside in the City of El Cajon. This documentary chronicles the experiences of several Chaldean high school students as they assimilate to life in the United States, and exercise their right to become civically engaged with their community.

CHALDEAN VOICES has received critical and public acclaim. In March of 2015 it was awarded the Best Feature Length Documentary Film Award as well as Special Recognition for Excellence in Editing in a Feature Length Documentary at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards. It was also an Official Selection of the 2015 San Diego Latino Film Festival, where it played to a sold-out crowd.